Friday, March 30, 2012

There are such things as Super Jumbo Eggs

Basically i had only ever known of medium, large, extra large, and jumbo eggs and i only just last week tried some jumbo eggs from La Bahn egg ranch in Temecula, who have a booth at the thursday farmers' market which is at the orange county fairgrounds.  I always have liked their eggs and i just became comfortable branching away from my extra-large-only egg purchasing when i bought the jumbo ones last week.  I ran out of those pretty fast because the yolks are just so good  i was eating at least a couple every day. So when i went to get more i noticed they had a WHOLE FLAT which is 20 eggs, of SUPER JUMBO eggs available.  i bought those plus a flat of 20 extra large eggs and now i have 56 eggs in my house as we speak.
Left to right: Large, Extra Large, SUPER JUMBO

 This is a super jumbo cracked into the pan.  The lady said that unless they have double yolks, which i guess they sometimes do but there weren't any in the two that i have eaten so far, the only difference between these and the jumbo eggs are that they have more white.  I think unless i were going to be making something that needed more whites like macarons or other meringue-based things i would stick to jumbo or smaller for regular eating because there is not enough of the creamy tasty yolk to egg white ratio for me in these giant monsters.  Since there is no nutritional or taste difference between white-shelled and brown-shelled eggs there is no real reason that i buy the more expensive brown-shelled eggs except that i think deep in my subconscious it is ingrained that white = wonder bread (cheap and not so nutritious) and brown = split top wheat (bread of my childhood, heartier than white).  Ultimately as long as they are cage free/free range i am happy no matter what the color of their shell is.

Some collard greens and bacon y'all.  I got some in last week's Farm Fresh To You box and i sliced it into ribbons and sauteed it with some bacon, shallots and garlic, butter, salt,  a splash of apple cider vinegar, and a dash of splenda.  That is not flash glare that you normally see in my pictures, that is steam from the pan.

These are super delicious almonds from Hopkins AG and while they are in Bakersfield they are at all the farmers' markets i go to.  The almonds are sweet and creamy and crunchy, and they sell a bunch of different flavors and even raw unpasteurized almonds which they seem to think makes their stuff superior to other raw  probably pasteurized almonds sold in stores and they are pretty good so maybe there is something to it.  These are my favorite snacking flavors.  I bought some fresh, raw, unpasteurized almond meal from them that i plan to make some bread with and it feels so nice and soft even though it is almond meal.

These i picked up from Mother's Market because they look and sound weird and i am sort of into trying stuff like that so long as it's not bizarre animal body parts or has been made in a bathtub or something.  These are from peru, as you can see from the box, and the packing is fancy all-biodegradable which i seriously do not know why everyone doesn't do that already in this day and age?  These are good in an interesting way.  I sort of expected them to taste like nuts because of their size but they are definitely seedy tasting.  Kind of like a mix of toasted hemp seed and sesame seed with a little sunflower seed?  They are crunchy in the way that peanuts are crunchy and each seed varies in taste just a little bit, like one might be more roasted that the other.  There is that sort of dry suck-the-moisture-out of your mouth feel after a few of them and you need to drink water with them.  I like them and will probably keep buying them unless some new other superfood from south america appears and i get distracted by that shiny new thing.

Here is a glimpse into what i do all day.  I melt cheese in a pan and then eat it with my fingers off a spatula.  This is raclette from trader joes and actually is supposed to be all melted and then eaten but i also melt and eat other cheeses such as mozzarella and sliced dutch goats milk cheese.  Some people say that raclette is smelly but this wasn't and it melts into a creamy mild, sort of swiss-cheesy cheese.

annd into my mouth it goes.

I FOUND MY NEW FAVORITE CHEESE.  Whole foods had this "on sale" which meant like a dollar off its normal per pound price and i was actually looking for the cheese next to it where there was a sign but no cheese so i just grabbed this for the hell of it.  It is so amazing.   It is slightly crumbly and i have only eaten this mostly straight from the fridge, not warm, so these are the flavors when it is cold: sweet and creamy and very caramel with slight nuttiness and a tangy salty taste too. It is like cheese candy.  I could eat this for dessert and be a happy camper since normally my desserts have to be some overly decadent treat and this fits the bill in my opinion.  I must buy more and then i can share it with david.  I don't think i will be buying many more new cheeses to try for a while now that i have found the holy grail of my cheese heaven.

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