Liquors and Spirits

I recently got into cocktails, except I'm very picky about the ingredients in them.  We currently have a few cheapy schnapps and other things I got back when I was less discerning and we have some items just leftover from what people have brought over.  I am working on making my own infused alcohols and liquors because I don't like a lot of the fake flavors. All the ones with stars next to them are my favorite of its storebought kind.

These are the liquors and spirits that are currently in our wine cabinet, not really differentiating liquor from liqueur:

*Creme Yvette - I LOVE flower flavored things and violet is in my top two flowery favorites. it's made in limited batches so i need to stock up
Art in the Age Rhuby -  rhubarb flavored liquor. It's interested but so far I've only added it to champagne with strawberries
Art in the Age Root - rootbeer flavored liquor.  I haven't tried it yet but David thinks it's strong
*Art in the Age Snap - gingersnap flavored liquor. it is very biting with ginger/pepper but it's good in eggnog
Silver Patron - my fave blanco tequila is Don Edwardo but we ran out, and also another local made one but i need to find their business card. I think Patron is overrated
*St Germain - this is obviously the other one in my top two flowery favorites!  it's a very sad day when this stuff gets low
Trader Joes Russian Cranberry Spirits - this is odd. I think I was expecting a little more sweetness and I'm not sure I taste cranberry but it's something tart for sure. I need to experiment with it more
*Disaronno - I really like this and it's great in whipped cream on pumpkin pie
Chambord - it's alright but I'm sure there is something artisan that could be better. Maybe I'm just bitter they changed their packaging and I think it looks cheap and terrible
*Praline Original Pecan Liquor - freaking amazing in hot chocolate
Arak el Rif - this is like ouzo or absinthe and it is strong. I'm too wuss to try it or maybe I have tried it but I was too gone to remember
Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum - after some instance with Captain Morgan's in high school I can't bring myself to drink a spiced rum. Maybe I will make a cake with it or maybe I will mix it with something other than gross vanilla Coke.
Sandman Ruby Porto - I think we got this to make a sauce for chicken who knows how many years ago. All I remember is the sauce didn't turn out so I will have to try this again. It should probably go in the wine section but maybe it's actually vinegar by now.
*Sapling Vermont Maple Liquor - so delicious. I love real maple flavor and this was great in some Green Mountain Golden French Toast coffee I have
Volganaya Vodka - I think this is okay vodka but I know my favorite is Gvori
*Gvori Vodka - I just really like this kind of vodka, it is smooth and nice and doesn't leave a weird aftertaste in my mouth like some do
*Three-O Cake Vodka - so I haven't really made anything with this, I just sipped a tiny bit but THE ONLY flavored vodka I will buy from here on out in my flavored vodka experience is Three Olives
*Three-O Bubble Vodka - this is super great in diet 7UP. it's so bubble gum-y and it doesn't leave a weird taste in my mouth.  I want to try all of their flavors eventually
Pearl Pomegranate Vodka - this is pretty terrible. I can't get over the taste left in my mouth like I've just been chewing on my own hair (i used to do that in third grade, don't judge)
*Frangelico - delicious and I put it in my own version of Iva Lee's Coffee and i will probably put it in a tiramisu
*Leblon Sugar Cane Cachaca - this is really great white rum type stuff.  I haven't had a real caipirinha yet but it's good in diet 7UP and in place of tequila in margaritas. I discovered it by tasting a sample at Wholesome Choice in Irvine which claims to be a natural food place but they really had a very large selection of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods which i love
Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka - bought it for the novelty, not sure how it tastes. probably has the hair aftertaste
Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka - bought it for the novelty, not sure how it tastes. probably has the hair aftertaste
*Eagle Rare Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - I really like whiskey and this is a great one. I recently discovered whiskey sours but before this whiskey went into my eggnog or into sauces/whipped cream. I bought this one because my old favorite was nowhere to be found at bevmo
*Russell's Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - this was my favorite before it disappeared, which apparently it didn't, it just changed packaging and i've warned you producers already that this throws me completely off because most of my repurchases are based on familiar appearances
Cointreau - just standard orange flavored stuff
*E&J Brandy - I bought this for the apple cake I made for thanksgiving and it's pretty good but i've never tried others
Southern Comfort -  I made a good punch with this but I don't recall tasting it in it so I can't really judge it
Bacardi Select Dark Rum - some leftover from something, i dunno what
Bacardi White Rum - some leftover from something, i dunno what
*Zaya Rum - I did a lot of research before I chose this and it did not disappoint. I like this rum
Captain Morgan's Spice Rum - I think this is a David purchase, seeing as I am nauseated at the thought of tasting it
Seagrams Sweet Tea Vodka - this is alright but I prefer to concoct my own with plain vodka and lemons and iced tea and splenda
Caravella Limoncello - I bought this so that I'd have something to compare to the homemade one I put together a couple of summers ago
*Bailey's Irish Cream - I used to think it was too sweet and weird and creepy it didn't need refrigeration but it's grown on me and I use it in my version of the aforementioned Iva Lee's Coffee
*Kahlua - same as Baileys
Dekuyper Blueberry Schnapps - I bought this trying to make weird drinks but it is terrible in my opinion, or at least i never could find the right recipe that showcased it well
Dekuyper Watermelon Schnapps - same as the blueberry
Dekuyper Peppermint Schnapps - not bad but I want to make one or find an artisan one
Hiram Walker Peach Schnapps - okay I guess
Hiram Walker Pomegranate Schnapps - terrible. I was cheaping out and should have gotten Pama since I like that
Jose Cuervo Citrico - I bought this because i was curious if it went well in margaritas. I can't remember the verdict but it's obviously not empty
Malibu Rum - it's pretty good in mixed drinks but nothing really to write home about, i only recall sweetness
Malibu Passion Fruit - I don't remember if i liked this

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