Future Project Wish List

Make Homemade Cheeses
Perfect My Butter-Making
Make Fruit and Flower Infused Liquors
Make my Own Truffle Oil and Other Infused Oils (Rosemary, Sage, Garlic, etc.)
Figure out a Low-Carb Doughnut Recipe
Finally Use My Deep Fryer Made ricotta beignets and celeriac chips
Find a Coconut Flour Closest to the Inari Brand This Lady Uses and Then Make All Her Recipes
Try to Prepare and Eat Tofu That Isn't In Pumpkin Pie Form and Like It
Review All Currently-Owned Cookbooks
One Month of No Prepackaged/"Processed" Foods (Make All Breads, Butter, Ground Meat, Cheese, etc)
Take Pictures of Each Meal for One Week
Read Fair Food 
Taste all of the Vosges Bars and Truffles
Keep Some Potted Herbs Alive Longer Than Three Weeks Made it to four weeks!
Try to Plant the Sprouted Sweet Potato I've Had On My Counter for Five Months David planted it in the backyard and so far the leaves are spreading like crazy
Grow Tomatoes Inside the House or At Least in a Squirrel-Proof Cage Outside
Finally Grow the Mushrooms in the Kit I Have

Low Carbify These Recipes:
Eggnog Bavarian Cream Cake
Sorrentine Torta
Pumpkin Mousse Cake
Torta di Nocciola
Peanut Flour Peanut Butter Cookies

Make These Recipes As-Is:
Soft, Chewy Sugar Cookies
Caneles de Bordeaux
Sugar-free Marshmallows 
Almond Flour Victoria Cake 

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