Sunday, April 8, 2012

Low Carb Tiramisu

I finally finished the majority of the brownies i made some-odd weeks ago.  There is still a container of them in the freezer for whenever i might want one, and i still need to try the recipe with bob's red mill coconut flour... but the ever-shiny internet distracts me with a multitude of various low carb recipes that i have been craving.  The one i've had practically since i made those brownies is tiramisu.  So when i was invited to a game night party i decided to make a double batch of candice's tiramisu with coconut flour and the best damn mascarpone i've ever tasted.  She uses cream cheese which is why i think her filling appeared more whipped and creamy than mine but oh god i wouldn't trade the mascarpone if you're trying for traditional.  I also used half strong coffee half kahlua in order to trick everyone into maybe thinking it was not low carb.. Unfortunately i did not have directions to the party and the host lost her cellphone the day of so i ended up staying home and eating my delicious creation in lonely sorrow but it was still incredible.
End result, in a souffle cup with coffee-vanilla bean fresh whipped cream

This is the coconut "sponge cake" just out of the oven. Pictured as well is the KitchenAid mixer that my mother got me for christmas which i have basically been waiting for since i was 8 years old.  Unfortunately it came just a month before I WON ONE at this KitchenAid luncheon party. Now i have two mixers in the same color and two different but very large sizes.  My dream of a cafe/bakery is on its way.

 David is eating the the end result so these pictures are out of order but think of it as a teaser.

Low carb recipes often come out of the oven nice and puffy and regular-looking.

 And then it deflates like woah. 

This is the mascarpone filling.  She used cream cheese for lower cals and possibly fluffier filling but the mascarpone brand i used, purchased at Sprouts, was so dense and creamy i couldn't dream of using another kind.  and the farmers' market egg yolk i used made everything nice and yellow, totally unlike candice's photo.

Espresso (well, regular starbucks coffee) and kahlua blend, doused on one layer of the sponge cake.

The other, dry half of the sponge cake.

This is the mascarpone i used.
This is the first layer of tiramisu with the cheese spread and the cocoa powder dusted atop.  It looks surprisingly like the second layer too.

this is incredibly disgusting coffee from Target.  It tastes like chemicals. (i didn't use it for the tiramisu)

Basically we ate this tiramisu with the coffee-vanilla bean fresh whipped cream every night until it was gone, about a week. It was spectacular even though the bottom layer of coconut sponge cake somehow got extra soggy overnight in the fridge, somewhat negating the sponge cakeyness and making it more eggy custardy at the bottom layer.  I wonder if it has to do with the temperature difference between the kitchen and the fridge or something else.  But i think next batch i am going to go with the more authentic-seeming George Stella tiramisu recipe because it uses "ladyfingers" and stuff like traditional.  This was a nice super quick recipe but maybe not one i will make again for company.