Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not dead yet

Oh man, someone reminded me i had this thing and then i came back to find my last entry ended with expired meats ingestion so you probably thought i died or something. No, no, i'm still around and eating expired things. But also eating regular things like zpizza and Pascal's macarons and not giving any other food truck a chance because i am hooked on Taco Maria's carnitas tacos (or at least i was until they changed it to pork belly instead of shredded pork because pork belly is too fatty for me in a situation where i cannot sit there like a heathen caveman and pick out the gristle/fat but ohhh that spiced orange marinade is to die for) and their chicken mole tacos and more recently their steak breakfast burrito with guacamole and no cilantro because that is still for the devil. Anyway, the rest of the time i am not eating stuff i am now slowly tearing apart the too-expensive house we just got.  I'm terrified of the gas stove even though i know it cooks better and i used to use one when i was younger but with old age breeds awareness in mortality and awareness that a flaming gas fireball could explode out of your oven at any time so, yeah.

we tried Habana tonight and I will be back.  I'm kind of mad i hadn't been there before. Just don't bother getting the calamari though, i know it is not traditional cuban but i have this thing where i need to order it from every single place i see it offered, so long as it's not the gross breaded kind.  I even ordered it at Durty Nellys but alas it was the gross breaded kind. all the other stuff was good though.