About Me

i don't like to capitalize words except for "Tablespoon."  i have a habit of growing sweet potatoes in my fruit bowl.
i'm halfway between low carb and pure sugar but either way i try to make it as decadent and delicious as possible, while also trying to be thrifty and "green."  i'm pretty big on artisan and local or make-it-yourself things, you know because someone has to know how to bake bread and make cheese by hand from scratch when the apocalypse comes.  and standing around in the kitchen all day is actually pretty good exercise.  of course my guilty pleasures are ordering some fancy exotic foodstuff that has to be shipped out specially for me. i like european style butter the best and i don't think carrots, peas, or cauliflower count as vegetables.

About this blog:
hmm, how do i put this nicely... I am capricious?   So that means this blog is going to have mostly edible-related content but here and there i will probably have other things like home projects or stuff slightly unrelated to food, try as i might to stay on topic.  I don't really create recipes of my own, rather i "modify" a lot of recipes already out there to suit my taste or dietary preference.  It works for me.

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