Monday, September 26, 2011

godiva truffles

in an attempt to delay the start of my diet i think i will review some truffles.

new and improved pumpkin truffle - pretty damn good. it's that one in the orange foil with a curly little twig and leaf to make it look like a pumpkin. i don't remember how last year's tasted so i can't attest to the new and improvedness of it but embarassingly enough i think i still have some in my stash and could dig them out and compare if i got another of the new ones but it might be unfair to judge year-old, old pumpkin truffles against new fresh improved ones.

red velvet truffle - i honestly don't understand the OMGness of red velvet that everyone seems to fawn over and this is no different. it's good chocolate on its own i suppose but it tastes no different to me than some other muted chocolate flavor.

chocolate eclair truffle - so delicious. one of my new favorites! i love love love custards and creams and this is a very awesome creamy vanilla custard ganache in the center of a milk chocolate coating that is a perfect thickness, not thick but not too thin that you can't taste it after the center has melted away in your mouth.

pumpkin cheesecake truffle - another freaking amazing one! the coating is a little on the thick side but that is likely due to the two chambers inside, one holding a creamy "cheesecake" filling and another the thick yet creamy pumpkin pie filling. i liked it.

creme brulee truffle - they don't usually have descriptions at the boutique and with a name like creme brulee i thought it would be self explanatory like "carrot cake" might be. but no. this thing has a chocolate ganache inside of its white chocolate sprinkled with sugar crystals shell. not what i was expecting so naturally i hate it. it is probably very good if you like chocolate ganache masking as a silky eggy slightly burnt sugared custard but i don't and i want the latter.

more to come later.

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