Thursday, September 29, 2011

continuing the godiva binge plus more!

okay so last night in somewhat of a tipsy (do people still use that word or is that a circa-j kwon era word?) blur i ate some of godiva's new dessert bars: tiramisu, milk chocolate covered cheesecake, and dark chocolate lava cake or something else dark chocolatey i dunno.

tiramisu: white chocolate covered coffee flavored mousse-y cream. delicious. it doesn't taste like awesome alcoholy traditional tiramisu but i love white chocolate and i happen to love coffee too, and the textures together were good.

milk chocolate covered cheesecake: i'm more of a filling person when it comes to chocolates like i'm more of a frosting person when it comes to cake, and i feel that godiva kind of coats their bars fairly thickly in relation to how much filling there is in the bar. it seems that all of their bars "end" with the chocolate encasement on your tongue rather than a mixture of the filling and the coating, unless i am just always eating it wrong? so this was a disappointment seeing as i could hardly tell the gooey filling (not as nice texturally as others, especially compared to the tiramisu) was cheesecake flavored. the milk chocolate overpowered it almost entirely. i could only tell the center was not milk chocolate, not that it was a whole 'nother flavor.

dark chocolate lava cake somethingness: you know, the rest of the bar is in the other room and i hope to update the description for the sake of posterity but the bar was just dark chocolateness. i dunno what i was expecting, but i don't think you can turn lava cake into a bar. i think the center was more solid than even the cheesecake bar.

lemon mousse truffle: this is the second time i tried it, i bought a tray of them when they were on sale. i think i liked it the first time i ate some because i was toasted, this time just tipsy i was more discerning. i prefer lemon meringue type lemon or lemon curd type, and this was very lemon zesty. it had a sort of bitterness all throughout that i identify with the zest instead of the tartness of the juice and i was sad for this.

my newwww favorite kettle corn is colby's kettle corn - salty sweet addiction. it's not entirely glazed like some but there are a few pieces that have a crisp layer of salty sugar crystals clumped together to form a crunchy flavor packed coating. the rest is lightly dusted with sugar and salt and you end up with a small pile of crystals at the bottom of the bowl (or bag) that you can eat up by licking your fingers and jabbing them to scoop them up.

ftr i made stella's eating stella style pumpkin pound cake and it came out extraordinarily well. i made it exactly to specs. recording this because the other day i made the low carb carrot cake muffins from the low carb baking and dessert book but forgot the extra cream cheese i am sure i put in the first time i followed the recipe and it came out dryyyy. then again i also doubled the recipe so maybe i messed up trying to do that.

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