Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pantry project days 3 to 6 i guess

ETA i found this in the drafts pile today, thought i should just publish it for posterity.

This pantry project has definitely been a challenge, mostly because i am at the most extreme level of lazy i almost didn't think was possible.  It has been a hot, stressful mess the last week and i don't see it letting up anytime soon.  I've been so lazy that for four days i've wanted to make cookies but discovered that i was out of butter on the first day, so i waited until i encountered the store in the most passive way possible: david was driving us around to look at houses on saturday and we stopped off for david to get a smoothie and next door was a grocery store. i decided fate had brought me here so i got off my butt and out of the car and got some butter and champagne, drank the champagne later that evening, and let the butter melt all over the countertop the next day (it was THAT hot).  i still want to make cookies but now that seems like too much work so i will continue the cycle of setting butter out on the counter to soften, letting that melt until i for sure decide i'm not going to bake anything that night, putting it back in the fridge, and repeat the next day.

We haven't been eating regular meals lately, not just due to laziness but also because we both haven't been home every night.  It's mostly david not being home and then i just resort to scrounging around the fridge for whatever less than two-weeks old leftovers still look appealing to eat (hey i have standards).  But it really does have a lot to do with laziness.  The kind of laziness that stops me from searching under the kitchen sink when we run out of hand soap and instead i just sort of rinse my hands off and then wipe them off on the hand towel until it occurs to me that might not be the best/cleanest way or actually to tell the truth it's because  at one point the butter wasn't wiping off my hands on the towel anymore and i wasn't wearing any pants to wipe my hands on either.

okay less embarrassing david by publicly admitting what a slob he married and more embarrassing him by publicly admitting what a lazy slob he married.

so i know the next night after the Pork of Doom, which by the way i survived, fyi, however david insisted i throw away the other piece from the same batch that was still in the freezer because he thought it smelled funny, i made some salmon.  It was totally fresh, frozen in march of this year so yeah it was great.  I sliced a lemon and put it on top of the filets and baked it like that and ate it with leftover israeli couscous and green beans.

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