Monday, November 28, 2011

thanksgiving feast pictures!

This is the turkey in the oven with the wine and butter soaked cheesecloth. The burntness of the cloth didn't affect the taste of anything in my opinion, and no one else complained about it so it worked out fine. I went through three cheesecloths with all of the turkeys because i don't know how to revive burnt cheesecloth.

This is the finished, beautiful, golden product. My only complaint is that there wasn't enough of it! I was hoping for gobs of leftovers but each turkey got picked clean pretty much.

These are pictures of some of the spread on the second day of thanksgiving. We're missing pictures of the yam-marshmallow dish that someone brought, a cheese platter, all of the desserts, the giant vat of gravy, and probably a few others. On the third day we even had ham, stuffing, and a tofurkey. Next time i'll take better and more pictures. In the white covered dish was pumpkin and goat cheese risotto!

We had maybe four different cranberry sauces.

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